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Finally all of my talk of wanting to start my own business for...well...years is finally coming true. What kind of business you ask? Well, it's all about accessories. You know the good stuff we women all love. Necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, earrings. The whole nine yards. We will be up and running by January of 2013 and when I say "we" I mean my ever so smart and techy of a husband. If not for him and my family members encouraging me to do something with my creativity I probably wouldn't be writing this post now. My husband is the man behind the scenes of it all, working hard to make sure that the website is displayed beautifully and easy to navigate for our future clients. I've spent many years now making jewelry and have fallen in love with everything about it. I love the different assortments of beads, the colors, the textures, the designs,and the opportunity to sit down and make something out of it all. Not to mention the amazing stuff you can do with wire and metals. As an artist who loves to paint and sketch creating jewelry is an amazing outlet for me. I've always been an artistic being. I remember being 17 and holing myself up in my bedroom for two days. I covered everything in plastic and painted murals of the ocean, mermaids, and hibiscus flowers on every wall. The feeling of creating something you imagined in your head, whether people get it or not, is incredible. Some believe jewelry making consists of nothing more than buying wire and stringing some beads on it and you have yourself a necklace. However, there is much more that goes into it. Anyone can slap paint on a canvas, mold clay, or create a bouquet of flowers but it takes creativity to make it beautiful and unique. There are so many different techniques to making jewelry as well, It's definetly an art that continues to grow. Like any artist inspiration feeds my creativity. I find my inspiration everywhere. I myself have always had a thing for jewelry and jewelry of all sorts. I love the diamonds but I love costume jewelry and statement pieces or a special one of a kind, made just for me to wear on different ocassions. I have the resources and thanks to my supportive husband the opportunity to do something I love for a living. I Can't wait for all of you to see my new designs and enoy this new blog where I am able to share with you my pieces, talk jewelry,fashion and even books and anything else created for the sake of beauty and art. So grab your favorite cup of tea, or coffee sit down and be creative with me. Always..."Dream, Love and Inspire..."

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