Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY...Wired Bird Nest Necklace.

I have been seeing these around for awhile now and have wanted to try my hand at it. I think they are just adorable. 1. Because I love birds and owls 2. It's almost spring and how cute would this be for an accessory? 3. It's simple and cost friendly and would be great for a mothers day gift.
Here are all the materials you will need... 1. 24 Gauge Wire- $3 2. Beads whatever kind you prefer and however many depending on the size of beads- $3-$8 3. Jump ring-$4-$8 4. chain-$4-$8 5. clasp-$3
wire on your bead as you would like them. then take the two ends of the wire and start wrapping them around the outer edges of the beads. I would weave through the beads and wire a few times so that they will stay in place.
you should end up with something like this. Not all are going to look the exact same.
After that, connect the jump ring to the nest put the desired length of chain on, attach your toggles or clasps to the ends and there you have it. Simple, easy, and a sweet little gift for a loved one and it's handmade with love. ; )
Hope you enjoyed this DIY. It's such a cute gift for a mother or grandmother or any woman who can appreciate the cuteness of it. I am going to make one for myself and put my daughters birthstones inside the wired nest. Until Next Time, Peace In Love Always,
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