Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY...Wired Bird Nest Necklace.

I have been seeing these around for awhile now and have wanted to try my hand at it. I think they are just adorable. 1. Because I love birds and owls 2. It's almost spring and how cute would this be for an accessory? 3. It's simple and cost friendly and would be great for a mothers day gift.
Here are all the materials you will need... 1. 24 Gauge Wire- $3 2. Beads whatever kind you prefer and however many depending on the size of beads- $3-$8 3. Jump ring-$4-$8 4. chain-$4-$8 5. clasp-$3
wire on your bead as you would like them. then take the two ends of the wire and start wrapping them around the outer edges of the beads. I would weave through the beads and wire a few times so that they will stay in place.
you should end up with something like this. Not all are going to look the exact same.
After that, connect the jump ring to the nest put the desired length of chain on, attach your toggles or clasps to the ends and there you have it. Simple, easy, and a sweet little gift for a loved one and it's handmade with love. ; )
Hope you enjoyed this DIY. It's such a cute gift for a mother or grandmother or any woman who can appreciate the cuteness of it. I am going to make one for myself and put my daughters birthstones inside the wired nest. Until Next Time, Peace In Love Always,
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Thursday, December 27, 2012


It's almost Friday and almost the end of the year!! I can't believe how fast all the winter/fall holidays came and went. It was a busy 3 months for me. I'm glad to be able to sit back and catch my breath for a minute and be creative again. My newest project was this necklace I like to call "Heavenly". As I created this piece I thought about what faith would look like in a form of art. How I saw the beauty of my beliefs in color and metals strung on a wire. I'm learning as I get older how wonderful it feels to have faith in what you believe. To know that the wonders, the journey, the innocense, and the beauty in whats beyond the "now" is incredible. I think in our busy everyday lives we tend to forget and I find myself doing it all the time and then there are those moments where it hits me....we could all use a little faith because it makes for a better day, a better week, a better month, and many better years. In the wake of all of the todays and tommorrows tragedies, faith keeps me at peace knowing the beauty that awaits by just believing. "Heavenly" Have a little faith.... ;)
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Until Next Time... Peace and Love Always,

Monday, December 17, 2012

BellaBrielle is OPEN!!!

I'm so excited to tell you all that we have finally opened my jewelry store online. I can't even explain how excited I am about this new venture. The pieces I have listed are just necklaces for now. I've had quite a few of these created for awhile, and have added some new one's I'm loving like the "boho's". Check them out. Also check out the necklace "worldy" the website featured it on their Pinterest board "jewelry". I was so excited when I saw that they had repinned it. I'm currently working on an entire new collection along with pieces that are cohesive and have necklaces as well as earrings and bracelets. I've put alot of heart and soul into these especially the latest one's with the added touches of small charms to the clasps in the back. I'm really excited to get the new one's up soon... Think of statement pieces and stones. They are not ready to be revealed just yet but soon. I could not have done any of this without my husband who created the entire website and hosts the site himself. We designed the site all ourselves and that itself is amazing. My husband is definetly a very tech savvy man. Except when it comes to Skipbo that is. ;). LOL. I had to tease him about something. I've never met someone who can figure out anything you put in front of him like he does and the computer stuff??? Holy cow he's like a genius! I hope you all enjoy what I have available. It's handcrafted jewelry made with love and creative input. I always ask myself if I'd wear it when I'm making my pieces. There are a few quirky pieces but I couldn't resist. I am quirky and I don't discriminate when it comes to jewelry. I love stones,sparkles,dainty pieces, statement pieces, and anything bohemian. I like variety and that is most likely what you will get from me. The bead placements, color combinations,names, and every little detail are always made with a thought in my mind, whether it be the way the sky looks on that day or my emotions. That's what creative people do, they use experiences, places, people, colors, emotions, and everydays for inspiration. I hope you like what I've put together and always check back at for new stuff. Please feel free to leave us feedback here on my blog (don't forget to subscribe) or on I also have a facebook page that I will be opening up. The link is above on the left hand side. Please feel free if you enjoy my pieces to "like" the Facebook page as well. Until next time.... Peace N Love Always,